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machine time

    Someone claiming to be from 2036 to 2000 came to post on internet forums, claiming to be American soldiers in the years 2036 to 1975, a mission to retrieve the world’s first portable computer that is IBM 5100, and stopped in 2000-2001 to see his family.

    The pros and cons of this person in the forum became a hot topic then, because he can prove the things that will happen in the NCC, he also uploaded photos of his time machine, how it works, and also disseminate scientific formula is a time machine in the forum .

    Some people on the forums started to strafe John Titor with a variety of questions, the conclusion that in the can that John Titor is a smart person and has an in-depth knowledge of science which, although John claimed to specialize in History is not on the field of computers and science.

    Who is John Titor? He admitted that he was born in 1998 in florida, he assumed the duties from 2036 to 1975 tuk to take the IBM PC 5100, which according to him where the pc that there is language to solve a variety of interchangeable unix unix language. according to him the technology in the pc it just seglintir org ibm pot and technological know that never again will put in his pc next generation until 2036. According to him all unix systems will face a time error in 2036, IBM 5100 are therefore very important.

    It is immediately recognized by the IBM, and they were shocked, because only 5 org yg knew it, and it also happened in 1975.

    The concept of a time machine, John admitted they use the time machine which he is answerable C204 contains up to 3 machines org is owned by the American military in 2036, and the time machine is not strange stuff at times he is, no more distinguished a larger type that is distinguished C206 made by GE (General Electric) to up to 7 people. This machine is only able to bring them to the past 60tahun max speed with 10tahun per hour.

    The theory according to John Titor time machine,

    1. Whatever I do with going to the past will not change my future, because we live in a different dimension. So according to him that the future is a decision. whatever decision is made which, in the future it is no answer.

    2. Time machine is very heavy its shape like a box of ammunition with a long reach 500kg load, he must put the device in the car with a strong suspension, and if in turn will terbentu a small black hole-like with a donut. and when it is all be sucked into a black hole that included his car toward the place of destination in the journey will be very hot, difficult to breathe, and if your goal later turns out there are objects or walls inhibitory your presence at the point the same point then the automatic machine time will switch off. so you do not move from one point to the other, but you moved to the other dimension.

    3. Quantum Physics Law Everett-Wheeler is a distinguished theory for time machine, this model also can be called “Many-Worlds Interpretation” or other words with a lot of results likelihood that will happen in the future based on current decisions, the example is, if I go back to 1975 to kill my grandfather, then I go back to 2036, I will continue to exist, as did my parents. but the dimension of 1975 and its my future and my parents do not exist. This is the so called many-worlds interpretation


    John was never going to give predictions for sports related tips, or to enrich themselves

    John was never going to give predictions to the org to avoid death, accident, tragedy.

    John will never menunjukavatarnyebutkan full name someone who will take effect later in the future.

    Ok John in his post did not give direct predictions, the prediction following is a summary dariapa who has been a subject of discussion John for 5 months from November 2000 – March 2001.

    1. John said initial Tipler maintain and Kerr, a scientist will take effect with a time machine. Name the two men were tracked kebenerannya and it turns out they exist and they are a professor of physics.

    2. The basic concept of time machine will be put forward by CERN in 2001, a fact in 2000-2001 blom many who know about the organization of CERN, and in 2001 turned out to Ko pd CERN invented the concept of black hole states, where it will be the basis of a time machine.

    3. John Titor gave details of a time machine that he used our KPD, which contains the Magnetic housing units for dual microsignularities, Electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of microsingularities, Cooling and x-ray venting system, Gravity sensors (VGL system), Main clocks ( 4 cesium units), Main computer units (3). Scientists with the engine and the current states who delivered John’s way of operating makes it possible to do timetravel.

    4. Prediction quickly John about America that, starting in 2004 the USA will start a civil war, which occurred between the period 2004-2008 of demonstrations and unrest in the USA, in 2008-2015 was the culmination of the civil war.

    5. 3rd world war will start in 2015, he declared that Russia would attack America with nuclear in 2015, automatically stopped the civil war in America and they are united against the Russian and the U.S. will only be formed into 5 states with the president of each state with its capital masing2 move to Nebraska. According to him kota2 big in America will be destroyed begitun in Europe, China, the Middle East. Meanwhile, who was not involved negara2 World War 3 is South America and Australia, NZ. This war will eliminate 3 billion world population.

    6. Mad cow disease outbreak and will intensify in 2036, because the disease can dwell in the human body during 30tahun more and begin to act when we are ahead of old, the incurable disease AIDS, cancer can be overcome by using the virus itself against cancer (theory of cancer has been proven in our times.)

    7. Food and clean water is very difficult in getting a result of nuclear radiation, in the year 2036 everyone will be very berhati2 with food / drink that will be in its consumption, John said he was terrified in 2000-2001 which saw the camp as he pleased like ordering food at fast food without checking the health food.

    8. The future will return to farm life, religion will become very strong, many people who deplore PD3 only because of the political game.

    9. John had stated in NY there will be a skyscraper that will disappear in the near future (9 / 11) and it can not find weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East (Iraq) still make American politics to the war.

    10. IT development will be highly developed, he said that would be a lot of org will make their own video and upload to the internet (youtube) and Internet system will be independent with a small tool with only using solar energy to emit a signal so far 60mil (wi-max)

    11. In 2036 hydrogen energy and solar thermal energy plays a very important and more efficient

    12. You-you are now just past the disaster who daunting, try again andi mind what I feared from 1 to 1.5 years ago (taon 1999), by mailing in a distinguished forum on Y2K disaster mean is, they claim that John has returned to in 1975 Researchers to tell about Y2K disaster.

    13. According to John, the social life of society today is very severe, because we are all very lazy, selfish, individualistic, indifferent to socialize such as sheep and many who spend time org yg hal2 useless. Try to wake up and see the state tuk around us, the more natural condition of damaged, dying earth again.

    14. In 2036 there was no organization that will protect your health, so if you are seriously ill, siap2 dig his own grave. (If there are currently health insurance tuk entire American population)

    15. The temperature and the temperature in the world will get colder.

    16. I know about the virtual prediction about the year 2012, well indeed something unique thing will happen, kira2 like the story about the red sea and egypt org. but that does not make this world apocalypse.

    17. Yahoo and Microsoft is no longer exist in 2036.

    18. MARS AND UFO, until 2036 we still have not found apa2 on mars, so anything about ufo still a mystery, although scientists in 2036 had stated that the ufo / alien also is timetraveler of future human and alien is the nation which has evolved due to natural change / radiation / war, they are the aliens have the body structure and internal organ2 same with humans.

    John Titor last post date 21 March 2001 to say goodbye, and he went back to the year 2036.

    John Titor never asked her father to record the time machine when he used to go back to the year 2036 and uploaded to the internet through his family lawyer Larry Harber, but somehow the video did not upload, some sources say the tape has been taken by the parties American intelligence.

    When john back to 2036, shortly Titor family moved to Nebraska, a week after the storm hit Florida and the vicious hurricane destroyed homes in florida Titor.

    Currently Titor family secret existence, and for the public who wish to make contact with his family can go through his lawyer Larry Harber.

    Several things are suggested John told us,

    * Do not eat or use products from animal feed or feed on carrion each other.
    * Do not kiss or have sex with org that you do not know (meaning klo ga sungkem need to kiss the left cheek right spt org habits Amrik)
    * Learning is the basic sanitation and water purification
    * Get used was the use of firearms, learn to shoot and clean guns.
    * Always provide P3K box and learn to use it tuk
    * Find a friend who was 5 org you believe in and always makes contact radius 100mil.
    * Take a copy of U.S. law and read is
    * Kurangin eat
    * Look for a bike and 2 sets of spare tires, bersepedalah 10 miles per week
    * Think about what you should take if you have to leave the house within 10 minutes and never come back again.


Aston Marti Rapide

Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

New Aston Martin Rapide 2010

Aston Martin Rapide, the first four-door coupe, Aston Martin, began to be marketed in the United States. The definition of fusion of sports car with luxury sedan comfort, with new price $ 199,950 you can have. That low price in the class Aston Martin rapide. In addition to the first four-door vehicle, the Aston Martin Rapide is’ the first model of land made outside the UK. This model is produced in Graz, Austria in cooperation with Magna Steyr. Magna is known as the option to outsource the production car class in Europe. BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, including the customer. But the truth is not what happened. Aston Martin’s plant capacity fully Gaydon. Since the collapse of the global economy, the Aston Martin to re-think to add production capacity. Middle of the road, in outsourcing.

With that price, the Aston Martin sports car that promises very impressive. Has been very impressive standard specification Aston Martin says that the launch schedule of this model at the beginning of the second quarter of 2010. Specifications include an audio system designed specifically for Aston Martin Rapide, Bang & Olufsen Beosound. Bang & Olufsen has a reputation as a Rolex watch for the highest sound quality. Another standard feature is covering the hot seat memory, dual-cast brake and adaptive damping systems.
Underpinning the Rapide concept is Aston Martin’s VH architecture, developed to offer exceptional manufacturing flexibility. This high-strength, low-mass architecture forms the backbone of the current generation of Aston Martins, spearheaded by the DB9 Coupé and flanked by the DB9 Volante and the Vantage.

The extruded aluminium construction of the VH architecture can be modified in both length and width, providing a myriad of packaging options, and the chemically-bonded structure (using glues derived from aircraft manufacture) is mated with bodywork that mixes aluminium and composite materials. The architecture’s flexibility is further demonstrated by its use in the DBR9 racing car, where it is combined with carbon-fibre composite body panels to produce a modern race car of rare beauty.

The visual language of Aston Martin is highly distinctive. Across a range of three cars, the company’s design team, led by Design Director Marek Reichman, fulfils Aston Martin’s core values – power, beauty and soul – with bodywork that is taut, poised and muscular. “The brand is about the driving experience,” says Reichman, explaining how the concept is intended to provide everything customers have to come to expect from an Aston Martin, and more. “We wanted to make the most beautiful four-door car in the world,” he says, as he traces the Rapide’s development from a series of exploratory sketches in the Summer of 2005 to the finished, fully-functioning prototype. In the process, Reichman and his team explored the way the Rapide might be used, where and when it would be driven, even who would be driving. The four-door body was a natural way of providing access to the Rapide’s increased interior space, part of Aston Martin’s commitment to design usability. “If there’s a space then you should also offer accessibility, otherwise you’re not being honest,” explains Dr Bez.

Reichman describes the ‘beautiful harmony’ of the line that runs through the Rapide’s bodywork, giving the car the appearance of motion even while stationary, an athlete in flight, rather than crouched and coiled upon the starting blocks. “It’s not a wedge, it’s graceful and flowing,” he explains, “we decided to let the lines flow right through the body to the tail, which ends very beautifully. In silhouette, the Rapide shares the same sinuous line as its two-door siblings, although when compared with the poised stance of the Vantage with its sprinter-like forward thrust, the Rapide is a long distance runner.” Reichman believes that proportion is fundamental to how a car is perceived. “There are forms that appear at ease and forms that appear tense and uncomfortable,” he says, “we wanted to make everything on the Rapide work in harmony.” Achieving this required the intuitive skills of Aston Martin’s modelling team, who work with both raw clay models and advanced computer modelling. “We put character and feeling into the surface,” says Reichman. “Our designers and modellers work with a sculptural language here at Aston Martin – the play of light on the surface are incredibly important to us.” Full-scale models are viewed in daylight and dusk conditions, for example, to ensure that the dramatic surface forms remain an integral element of each and every Aston Martin. Reichman believes that technology like the VH architecture allows him “to keep the form language and soul of the product.”

The Rapide continues Aston Martin’s reputation for highly-tailored, individual cockpits. The trademark glass starter button is a small element of theatre that is also beautiful and tactile, the perfect first point of contact with the car. Providing sporty accommodation for four passengers in such a low and beautiful coupé presents a formidable packaging challenge.

Sitting low to the ground, just four centimetres higher than a DB9, the interior is an exquisite leather-swathed package, with custom-embossed shagreen hide specially sourced for the Rapide. “It’s very cosseting,” admits Reichman, “it’s about creating a personal experience of the journey.” Like a set of exquisite hand-tooled luggage, the interior is compact yet also surprisingly spacious, with great attention to detail, like the extensive map and accessory storage and the mood lighting that maximises the feeling of volume.

Aston Martin has always been about truth to materials: wood is valued for its structural properties and appearance, as are aluminium, glass and leather, while carbon fibre is utilised for its strength and weight-saving abilities and not just a showy finish. A transparent polycarbonate roof brings an increased sense of spatial awareness, opening up the passengers’ vistas beyond the driver’s focus on the road ahead. This ultra-light transparent material is a first for the company. The Rapide has dual climate zones, and the luxuriously appointed rear seats come with their own DVD screens and controls for the audio system and environmental system.

Aston Martin has always acknowledged the need for elegant, high-speed touring sports cars. The four-door, four-seater saloon displayed at the 1927 Olympia Motor Show began a long tradition of cars that combined elegance, style and power with usability. The Olympia car was a closed-body tourer that sported long, flowing lines for the era, tapering to a luggage trunk and mounted on a tubular frame. The car was also low to the ground, purposeful and sporting. Four years later another four-door saloon was exhibited, with an aluminium-panelled body by Bertelli, finely engineered, detailed and upholstered throughout, with intriguing touches like the roof-mounted opening glass panel above the rear passenger compartment.

Every journey in an Aston Martin is an occasion, proving that the most enjoyable way of getting between two points isn’t always a straight line. The Vanquish S, DB9 Coupé, DB9 Volante and Vantage are all designed to sharpen the senses, extracting every grain of texture from the road surface, with high levels of driver feedback and involvement. Yet when conditions preclude making progress or spirited driving, an Aston Martin adopts a relaxing, restrained character, with the massive reserves of torque and power combining with the uniquely cosseting interior to envelop the driver and their passengers in the Aston Martin experience.

The Rapide continues this tradition – a fast, cross-country machine that excels in any driving conditions. The Aston Martin customer doesn’t need to have their choice dissected in minute detail: these are cars which appeal primarily to the heart, strong emotional design that is also subtle and discrete. The Rapide is a uniquely personal machine, its interior representing the very best of the company’s immensely skilled workforce, demonstrating how each Aston Martin is still tailored to a customer’s precise requirements. It also represents the high degree of personalisation offered by ultra-modern production facilities and a model line-up underpinned by a flexible architecture – a new model that could broaden the range to cater for every requirement.

the story of the death of the celebrity world

History of World Celebrity Death

5. Anna Nicole Smith

On February 8, 2007, Smith found in room 607 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.
Tasma Brighthaupt, a friend of Smith who was a nurse, she did CPR for 15 minutes until her husband, Maurice “Big Moe” Brighthaupt and bodyanguardnya took over CPR. with fear she was pushed back to the hotel after being told by Tasma.
According to Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger, at 1:38 pm Maurice Brighthaupt smith guards on the floor of the hotel stay contact 911. and paramedics arrived at 1:45 pm immediately took over CPR and immediately brought to Memorial Regional Hospital and arrived at the hospital on at 2:10 and was pronounced dead at 2:49 pm local time

4. Tupac Shakur

Tupac was taken to hospital on September 7, 1996 date, doctors have done a variety of ways to recover stamina that has failed the lungs, Shakur has been through various critical stages of medical therapy as well. On the sixth night Tupac progressed 13%. But on the afternoon of September 13, 1996 when he entered into the emergency room, Shakur died krn bleeding; Doctors tried as much as possible, but His mother, Afeni, made the decision to tell doctors to stop and submit to the above. And finally he died at 4:03 hours local time. The cause of death was listed as respiratory failure and bleeding krn strong connection with the former’s shot.
Then Tupac Shakur in cremation and the ashes teman2nya member of the Outlawz took Shakur and then mixed with cannabis smoked by their

3. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was a musician from Seattle, USA. As a leader, vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for the grunge band “Nirvana”. Starting from the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from Nirvana’s second album Nevermind (1991), Cobain and Nirvana was inserted into the subgenre of alternative rock called grunge. On 8 April 1994, Cobain was found dead of Lake Washington, a house near Lake Washington that was to install a security system. when Cobain was found there was blood coming out of Cobain’s ear, Smith (guard house tsb) initially saw that Cobain was asleep, before he saw a gun. A suicide note was found beside the body of Cobain, which reads “I have not felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music, along with really writing. . . for too many years now “. besides that it also found a syringe attached to the arm.

2. Elvis Preasley

Elvis Presley is an American singer, musician and actor. And a cultural icon, he also got the title as “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. After a divorce in 1973, Presley became increasingly unwell krn lack of attention, and various types of drugs were consumed that ultimately affect health, mood and tindakannya.Akhirnya with him frequently out of state they will be admitted. In 1977, Presley was found on the bathroom floor by fiancée, Ginger Alden. According to the medical, Presley experienced swelling in the leg before he died “; He was officially pronounced dead at 3:30 local time at the Baptist Memorial Hospital.

1. John Lennon

On the night date: December 8, 1980, around 10:49, Mark David Chapman shot Lennon in the back as much as four times (and the fifth shot that eventually about it) at the entrance of the Dakota. night just before the shooting has been completed autographed copy of Lennon’s Double Fantasy for Chapman who has worked from October.
Then Lennon was taken to the emergency room at Roosevelt nearby hospital but was pronounced dead at 11:07 pm local time. On the next day, Ono issued a statement: “There is no Funeral for John. John loved and prayed for the human race. Please pray the Same for him. Love, Yoko and Sean “. Chapman admitted the shooting and charged article premeditated murder and sentenced to 20 tahun.Lalu Lennon’s corpse was cremated at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York; his ashes are then stored by Yoko.